Evaluating an Employees Performance

Posted on 23 Desember 2016 ( 1 comments )

When evaluating an employee’s performance it is essential to measure a number of factors in order to gauge their overall progress.

The following is a recommended outline of how to evaluate an employee’s performance. It can be used to assess an employee’s overall performance level:


Is your employee ambitious? Do they demonstrate drive or has their motivation dwindled? Do they take initiative in their role?


What’s their attendance record? Has it had a negative impact on the department? In many respects, attendance often goes hand in hand with one’s attitude in the workplace.


Has their attitude changed over the months? Are you finding them increasingly difficult to push or are they more determined and ambitious than ever? What’s their overall attitude in the workplace like?

Communication skills

Does the employee have the ability to successfully communicate ideas with co-workers, supervisors, upper management and customers? Have you encountered any issues with regards to their overall communication abilities? 


Is the employee easily distracted or do they show sincere focus to the job at hand? Are they able to prioritize their workload in an organized manner? 

Improvement over time

Has the employee demonstrated an overall improvement since their last evaluation?


What is the employee’s ethical behavior like in the workplace? Does he or she show respect towards the company and her co-workers, or a negative attitude?

Social media or technical skills

Does the employee possess the required social media or technical skills to fulfill their job requirements? Possessing such skills with help them to progress within their job role.

Ability to work to deadlines

Can the individual consistently meet deadlines or do they struggle?


How reliable is the employee overall? Have they consistently performed well or have you encountered difficulties with them? Do you feel confident that they can competently complete a project?

Ability to work under pressure

Stress plays a major role in the office environment thus being able to deal with stress when under pressure is an important skill to possess. How has the employee dealt with stress over time? How does he or she interact with others in the department when under pressure?

Teamwork skills

Is the employee willing to contribute to projects and tasks assigned when the department is short handed? Are they willing to pitch in where necessary?

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