A Guide to Carpooling Behavior for Employees

Posted on 06 Desember 2016 ( 0 comments )

Carpooling is common amongst work colleagues as it is a way of decreasing the amount of money you spend monthly on fuel whilst being environmentally friendly too. Despite its popularity, carpooling etiquette is often undermined and not taken seriously.

The following are some basic mannerisms to keep in mind whilst sharing a car with your colleagues to ensure a healthy and withstanding carpooling relationship;

  • Be on time Whether you are the passenger or the designated driver, it is your responsibility to be on time. Prepare for any anticipated traffic jams and make sure that you leave your house on time. Your colleagues are depending on your punctuality.
  • Smoking If you are the driver and you feel entitled to smoke in your car, ask your passengers if they mind; it is polite and will avoid any unnecessary arguments. You need to remember that you passengers might be allergic or have health issues related to smoke.
  • Smells Refrain from wearing heavily scented perfumes as it might trigger allergies; in contrast, it is important to observe personal hygiene as well. Try not to bring garlic-drenched foods and fish lunches into the car as it might cause passengers to feel queasy.
  • Money This is an important issue as many individuals fail to recognize the cost of carpooling. If there is one person who always drives, then you should pay your share in fuel money. This is unnecessary in the event that drivers alternate the carpool.
  • “What if” Having a backup plan is important as you need to consider delays and other aspects such as family emergencies or illness. If you are not coming into work, you should inform your fellow carpoolers to negate confusion and unnecessary delays.
  • Hands off When in someone else’s car, try keep your hands off their music system and other gadgets in the car – it is likely to annoy and distract the driver. If you are the designated driver then try keep the music to a comfortable volume and refrain from racist or offensive music.
  • Keep conversation suited to the situation It is inevitable that you will engage in conversation with your fellow passengers but it is important not to dominate the conversation - give others a chance to speak as well! Keep to safe topics, leaving religion and politics out of discussion. However, not everyone is a morning person so be sure not to force a conversation with your colleagues.
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