How to Train PR Practitioners

Posted on 02 November 2016 ( 3 comments )

Public Relations or PR, for short, was born in England when Basil Clark established editorial-oriented services in 1924. Some scholars, however, backdate the practice to the Victorian era and the early evangelical times. It has since then developed into a fully fledged global industry that manages information between governments, organizations or individuals and the public or the society. Modern PR can be complex and intriguing at the same time because it’s a marketing and crisis management tool with the ability to make or break nations, corporations or personalities. So if you need new PR staff how exactly do you train PR them?

Teach New PR Trends

Educate the PR practitioners on the use of trendy methods of communication such as striking and informative infographics. Teach them how to embed PR messages in entertaining stories instead of giving out hard facts when outlining an organization’s virtues. This is done primarily with the help of e-books, videos or pictures with captivating storylines. Take them through the world of digital PR which rides on content marketing strategies such as Quick Response or QR codes, search engine optimization, brand publishing and inbound content weaved using boundless ingenuity. Enlighten them about information dissemination apps that improve communication efficiency such as viber, Google+, skype and HeyTell as well as encouraging creative utilization of blogs, social media and business networking platforms.

Embark on Creative Branding

Dedicate some of your teaching sessions to branding since PR professionals’ main objective is to safeguard organizations’ future by creating strong brands. Get the practitioners to understand the connection between effective branding and consumers’ emotional metrics which can be molded into customer loyalty or sovereign patriotism when marketing a country, notes Forbes Magazine. Tutor how to establish vibrant brands through personalised messages to give an organization a human face that the public can relate to. Go for image-based branding techniques such as creative logos, banners and product packaging. Let the practitioners know that branding is a continuous process because the public always needs more.

Touch on the Art of Modern PR Principles

Make modern PR principles part of the practitioners’ skills and strengths to boost their efficiency and professionalism. Touch on principles such as knowledge of organizations’ clients to communicate accurate messages about their businesses to the public. Elaborate the need for cordial relations with mainstream and alternative media houses as well as the importance picking the right target audience. Tell them about the significance of embracing superior PR work etiquettes and ethical codes of conduct which may include good grooming, professional tonal pitch, the right temperament, honesty and clarity when responding to inquiries of any kind.

Asses their Performance

Give out essays, tech-design and communication inclined assignments to assess the practitioners’ ability to capture the ever changing aspects of modern PR, says Sheffield Hallam University. Base the practitioners’ assessment results on individual practical achievements to promote ingenuity and self-drive culture which they need to push their careers a notch higher. Praise their efforts whenever they do well and take them back to the drawing board whenever they fall short of the required standards. This encourages the practitioners to aim higher and achieve benchmark PR professional standards that the world needs to solve numerous communication problems.

Knowledge of how to train PR practitioners to handle contemporary communication challenges is, therefore, a precious commodity in all aspects of life.

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